2014: what a year!

September 2014: Studio Claire Hornn sees the light in Amsterdam. A journey starts with a unique idea: designing a worm-compost-bin. A bit crazy and unusual but with great potential. It has been six months since we started but it feels like twelve. Lots of things happened and we’d love to tell you about.

“What do you do?” was and still is a frequent question asked on which our answer absolutely improved since day one. “We have designed a bamboo worm-compost-bin so city people can be more conscious about their food waste. They can transform their scraps, coffee and tea into something useful – compost & flower feeding – to make their direct environment greener. A sustainable, easy and odourless proces with a sustainable, design and multifunctional product.” That’s our answer now. We got lots of great comments about our worm-bin and more and more people ask us when they could buy it… Well, unfortunately I can’t tell you a date, but our goal is to bring the product on the market during 2015.

As young people we thought taking a design into production will be easier than it actually is. It’s a long way before being able to achieve that. We managed to pass some important steps that’ll help us bringing our worm-bin on the market: a well-finished design, prototyping, testing & composting, developing a pilot, being active on social media. But most important: networking. We found great partners such as CityPlot, NMTZuid, David Fischer and BambooTeq without whom we couldn’t have achieved what we actually achieve until now.

2015 is going to be a very interesting year for Studio Claire Hornn. The pilot Composting for Sustainable Companies is going to start on January 5th. Two companies confirmed going the pilot, and about five other are still considering it so they’ll probably join the pilot on a later date. There are still some spots left, so if your company wants to join our adventure, do not hesitate to email us! The pilot will help us micro-sponsoring our prototypes and also help us creating a buzz around our product and testing it on its user-friendliness. These three pilot’s goals will help us take the next step: finding a partner to produce our worm-bin and bring it on the market. There is a good chance that we’ll us a crowdfunding campagne to achieve this main goal. And the companies get the chance to be the first to try worm-composting! Keep an eye our blog, Facebook, Twitter and all media to get all the updates about our progression.

I wish you all an amazing, healthy, successful 2015 and thank you for all your support this lasts few months!