Studio Claire Hornn is a design studio which focus on sustainability. The studio has be founded in september 2014 by Claire Hornn who was at the time finishing her study Product Design at the HvA.

Vision: Studio Claire Hornn is like its customers looking for sustainable good looking products; through co-creation, research and creative solutions we strive to develop products which look appealing, are useful to consumers and inspire people.

Mission: Studio Claire Hornn seeks to create meaningful products with simplicity, sustainability and transparency. A circular world is a world we want to help set up thanks to local production, products make out of waste from production, sustainable materials.

Studio Claire Hornn

Founder & creative director: Claire Hornn, Product Design HvA / Amsterdam. Claire is a product designer but moreover a young entrepreneur. She grew up in Paris, is half Dutch and lives in Amsterdam since 2011. She loves traveling around the world and visit arty expositions.

Products make part of our everyday life which is why products can inspire us and make our life easier and more enjoyable. Putting this aspect central in the design process makes it possible to create wonderful sustainable products.”