As busy as worms.

A quick update from our busy life. Worms are busy composting our food waste and we’re as busy as them. Not composting of course but working hard to find all ten companies for our pilot! At the moment we have found four companies willing to join the pilot. That’s awesome news! Six companies to go & the pilot will start on January 5th. Spread the word!!

Pilot _ Studio Claire Hornn

Remember the pitch-competition of TEDxYouth@Delft and OneWorld? Well, even if I won round one with about 200 votes, I didn’t pass round two. The jury really liked our idea/concept but unfortunately it wasn’t innovative enough compared to the other participants so I totally understand their decision. It was a great experience and nice to meet new people who enjoyed my pitch. You can read about it here.

Studio Claire Hornn

An other update: we’ll be standing at Green Metropole’s Festival Of Cools next Tuesday, December 9th. A festival with a lot of sustainable concepts, products who are or aren’t on the market at the moment. We’ll show our consumer prototype as well as our business prototype which will be used for the pilot. We’ll also bring some of our worm-friends…! Expect to see a lot of tweets that day on twitter with #FOC14!