Bye bye My My!

Last september, Studio Claire Hornn was set up by My My Ngo and myself. It has now been one semester and, as we planned, My My has decided to leave the studio to focus on her study Architecture. Combining her final architecture project with the studio did not seem realistic so My My made a choice: following her passion.

I have to thank her for helping me setting up Studio Claire Hornn. It hasn’t been easy every day but she did a lot behind the scenes. Especially for the administration & financial aspects. She also did an a lot for the pilot development. From calling companies to helping build the prototypes (she made all the copper legs), from delivering the prototypes to doing some follow-ups.

Sometimes it’s about making choices and following your passion. That’s what My My did. She’s, thankfully, still going to help me until the pilot is finished (date undetermined yet since a few companies still are considering joining). So My My: thank you for all your help! Continue to grow as an entrepreneur & I wish you all the best being an amazing architect!