CityPlot is a name that comes around a lot in posts I write. Why? Because it’s a great organisation! CityPlot ‘encourages and educates city dwellers about how to grow their own vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, fruit and berries’. They teach them how to plant seeds, how to harvest them, how to attract bees in the garden. They ‘demonstrate how simple it is to provide healthy and sustainable alternatives to the global food system’. They give their workshops in Amsterdam Noord, but also have a team in Berlin. Check their brand new website here.

The link with Studio Claire Hornn? They give ‘wormshops’: to learn how to worm-compost at home. It’s actually thanks to CityPlot that I learned how to do it… They’re experts in that field. During these workshops people can make their own worm bin out of old plastic boxes. Many participants of CityPlot’s wormshops actually ask them if there is an alternative for this: plastic bins don’t fit in most homes. Which is a reason why we collaborate. Ann & Suzanne give me feedback and new insights about my design and testing, which I really appreciate!

I also cooperate with Bram van der Veen, who’s working for De Namen on a similar project: a worm-bin. We have different goals. Mine has more focus on the design, his as well but for a much wider target group. I’m seeking for a small serie, and De Namen is seeking for a large serie. Same product but slightly different goals.

I like the idea that we don’t see each other as competitors. We like helping each other. I like this particular idea, and it wouldn’t be possible in a lot of situations. Giving each other feedback on a subject that we all like, is something that make us stronger.

Cityplot _ Studio Claire Hornn