‘Collecting materials’ rather than ‘sorting your waste’.

‘Collecting materials’ – not sorting your waste. That’s how I’ll talk about the waste situation from now on. Sorting your waste sounds a bit negative whereas collecting materials is more positive: it gives your ‘waste’ more value. It’s not just waste, it’s going to be transformed in some new products. Your materials, your waste, is valuable and precious.

A few days ago I spoke with Pieter Reus from OnsBuro. This organisation is helping Dutch towns to become ‘wasteless’. How is it possible? By changing the context and making it intuitive for the inhabitants – and of course the energy of the town as well. Explaining people it’s about collecting their materials, is more logical, understandable than if you ask them to fill a waste bin. The idea is also to create a return system around the collection; people need to feel useful and getting something back is motivating.

As you may remember I posted a survey a few weeks ago about how you deal with your waste at the moment. It’s for my graduation project. I’m going to design an additional product to the Urbeen. A product in which you can collect your different materials: glass, paper, plastic. These three are the most important materials you produce in your daily waste. The new product will be presented in a serie with the Urbeen. It will create a complete system for your most valuable materials (plastic, paper, glass & organic). At the moment I’m creating concepts but will show you the end result in a while.

Studio Claire Hornn