Composting for Sustainable Companies.

We’re currently developing a pilot in Amsterdam where 10 sustainable companies can take part of: Composting for Sustainable Companies. We challenge these ten companies to compost inside during 7 weeks with the help of worms and thus revise their waste streams. This pilot is for us a chance to test our product before bringing it into the market and it’s a chance for these ten companies to try out wormcomposting and be even more sustainable with their waste then they already are.

At this moment, 21st of November 2014, two companies already joined this special circulair design initiative which means we are still looking for eight other companies! Do you have or know a company in or around Amsterdam which might be interested in this project? Email at We’re thankful to anyone with tips!

Pilot _ Studio Claire Hornn

What are the benefits of joining this pilot for the companies?

    • Reinforce with colleagues a nice sustainable feeling through their office’s waste management.
    • Make it fun to give a new life to their apple’s and tomatoes’ cores!
    • Production of their own flower & plant fertiliser in order to reduce the Pokon’s world plastic waste.
    • Give worms the chance to become the new pets in the office (and later in the households)!
    • Work with entrepreneurial design students.
    • Give their office a visible impulse since we’re going to report their participation through social media & give them exposure about their sustainable and adventurous profile!


Participation to the pilot ‘Composting for sustainable companies’ costs €500,-. Therefore the companies will get a design bamboo worm-compostbin inclusive:

  • Worms in a bedding of startcompost;
  • Insights in all the research’s results;
  • A personal waste separation/management advice;
  • A status as ‘sustainable startup’ sponsor;
  • Visible exposure on our special website.


Composting for Sustainable Companies is for us also a way of creating a buzz around worm composting and our design worm compost bin. And it’s a chance for us to create a network of companies who support us & our special project. It’s a micro-crowdfunding/sponsoring as well.