#DDVD14 and #SEfair14.

Dag van De Duurzaamheid (#DDVD14 = Day of Substainibility) was yesterday. Third year in a row that there is a celebration for sustainability in the Netherlands. A lot was planned, even if there wasn’t a lot of advertising for it. But luckily Studio Claire Hornn knew this day was arriving! So what did we do? My My talked about our indoor worm compost bin at the Boerhaave Boerderij near our school, to some employees of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam: they liked it! After that My My went to listen to presentations about sustainability – food waste, bio plastic, electric cars; all kind of projects happening at this school. A long, full, interesting afternoon for her! In the meantime I spoke to CityPlot about the project and we may helped each other in one or another way. CityPlot was the first to see a picture of our indoor worm compost bin (!!) and they liked it!! We’ll post it soon: we’re excited to share our design with you! Yesterday was also the day our pilot 2.0 was given away. In about two weeks, we’ll interview our volunteers and take pictures of their bins & worms!

Studio Claire Hornn

Today isn’t day of sustainability anymore but there was an interesting fair in Amsterdam: Strawberry Earth Fair (#SEfair14). A fair all about sustainability; and especially about sustainable fashion. A lot of young brands where there, and there was a talkshow about the future of fashion with some great people (even someone from H&M). They launched Strawberry Earth Academy – an academy for fashion designers interested in sustainable fashion. So if you’re into that topic: go for it! It was a nice launching with very good 3D printed ice-creams from Melt. At the event we also met two illustrators from Plan M Concepts who interviewed and draw us  (‘Your story illustrated’). The result was great & we had fun!

SEfair 2 _ Studio Claire Hornn SEfair 1 _ Studio Claire Hornn SEfair _ Studio Claire Hornn