DDW14, part 1.

The Dutch Design Week (DDW14) started last saturday in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Ten days of design in the whole city: about 80 different locations and 400 expositions, seminars, workshops and events. Lots to see!

Monday, october 21st was my first day at the DDW14. First stop: Piet Hein Eek. It’s a huge building where objects are produced and where products are shown. It has its own style: industrial, edgy and unique. A lot of different works are shown there and there are also artist’s exhibitions and studio’s exposition in and around the main building – the one of Ontwerp Duo was particularly nice to see.

De Strijp Area is where Piet Hein Eek is situated. But there’s much more to see in this area. The area can be described as ‘casual open studio character in an industrial setting’. The Klokgebouw is interesting because new & innovative projects are shown there. Around the Klokgebouw are many exhibitions room where people can see some artists’ work.

My main activity of this day was participating at PROUD Proms organised PROUD Europe. It’s ‘an initiative of European organisations based in various sectors but all characterized by design and innovation in their DNA’. PROUD brings designers, businesses and user communities together to experience design thinking & design. They also support designers to have knowledge & facilities. They focus on transnational development of methods for co-designing services, products and processes. A wonderful organisation! PROUD organised PROUD Proms which was all about ‘when co-design works’. It was an event on invitation but I managed to join it… Lucky me!

DDW14 3 _ Studio Claire Hornn DDW14 2 _ Studio Claire Hornn DDW14 1 _ Studio Claire Hornn

PROUD Proms was an international gathering with walks & talks in the afternoon. Small teams of eight people interested & experts in co-design visited two locations where a small talk was given by designers about a project where co-creation was central. After the talk, a quick & short workshop was given – especially to discuss about tips & trips about how co-creation works the best. PROUD Proms Night was given after a nice networking dinner. Three keynote speakers where there: Rachel Cooper (a.o. co-Director of Imagination Lancaster), Adam Reineck (a.o. Design Director at IDEO) and Dirk van Weelden. Between their speeches, quick pitches where given by all the afternoon-programme’s speakers. One designer particularly stand out: Chris Gruijterswho, for gaining empathy, experienced both imprisonment and the guard-perspective at a Penitentiary Institution. He had an amazing story to tell!

A first day full of inspiration and social contacts. But it’s not the only I’ll go the DDW14! Tomorrow will be my second, and unfortunately, last day visiting this event. I’ll go to the Central & East areas to see the graduation projects of Eindhoven’s Design Students & to see dynamic and experimental design of young talented designers.