DDW14, part 2.

Wednesday, october 22nd was my second day at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. This time I focussed on the Central & East area: a total different kind of design than in Strijp S but as interesting as there.

First at the Hallenweg: some design studios had their expositions there, in some kind of atelier. One one of them was Tjeerd van Veenhoven who was showing a project about making aquarel & painting from flower heads. An interesting way of using this waste material that actually doesn’t really have any utility after it has dried. Another studio there was Vij5 who showed nice and smooth furniture as well as a wooden mezzanine with lots of plants and kitchen accessories.

DDW14 4 _ Studio Claire Hornn

The Schellensfabriek was also a great place to see because of its vibe. It was dynamic, unique and very inspiring. The nicest work there, and closest to our vision, was probably a project about making a 100% biodegradable packaging for the supermarket Jumbo in which you can get a paprika and salad which are laying on some soil. After cooking you can keep the packaging and plant some plants in it! Handy, right? The building also had some very arty projects with lots of colours, sounds & feelings. The NRE location is quite nice as well with small ateliers/studios showing products, fashion and art, all mixed together. Lots of ceramics projects where it’s all about colours and a project where you’re part of while walking with an umbrella under rain…

DDW14 3 _ Studio Claire Hornn DDW14 1 _ Studio Claire Hornn DDW14 2 _ Studio Claire Hornn

The Graduation Show of the Design Academy of Eindhoven was a place I couldn’t miss at the DDW14. Two floors with lots of graduation projects about products, fashion and innovation. It was one of the most busiest place in the whole city – unfortunately – but I managed to see every project I think. A design student designed a lamp that lights up thanks to bacteria which can be found on octopus: incredible effect! Not a lamp that actually can be used as a ‘lamp-lamp’ but more as ‘ambience-lamp’. Another student created a baby accessories set with which the baby can, by his movements, post some social media things to his/her parents’ phone. The idea is that the baby has influence on what’s coming online instead of being it his/her parents’ choice… Next to these two, many other incredible projects about all kind of themes: corn-lamp, mini biosphere, unique fashion, furniture, etc…

DDW14 _ Studio Claire Hornn

But one of the best places I visit at the DDW14 was Section C. It’s the most far away location in the city but it’s worth going there! It’s an industrial setting with lots of ateliers. Young designers who like to experiment were showing their work there. Amazing. The expo DDW-Doom-Pa-Di-Dee was great: dynamic, absurd, funny, nice projects.

The DDW14 is almost at its end… Every year it’s a huge happening in the Netherlands and it’s worth visiting it, even if you’re not a designer, artist or creative mind. It’s an inspiring event where city, people, products, fashion, art, music and lights find each others.