Festival of Cools.

Festival of Cools is a fair specially organised by Green Metropole to showcase sustainable and innovative products & services. It was organised for the third time yesterday, Tuesday, December 10th 2014 and was a succes. As a start-up, it was a chance for us to showcase our bamboo worm compost bin for the first time to a larger public. We got lots of positive reactions and feedback! & we met great people as well!

We brought our worms there so people could experience the look of a full bin and its zero-smell. People were so surprised & astonished that the compost-process really doesn’t smell at all! And the fact that worms weren’t visible makes the product a bit more user-friendly as well. The thing is, most people miss a bit of knowledge about composting to believe the proces is odourless and efficient. With our product we hope to make people more aware about this proces and its efficiency & usefulness.

Many people asked us: where can I buy it? Our goal is to put this amazing product on the market in 2015. Before that we need to start our pilot to really test the use of our product and we need to find a good producer in the country to produce locally our product.