First month of the pilot.

The pilot Composting for Sustainable Companies is going on! It started a month ago already! Here a few updates from all the companies:

  • geWoonboot has a great amount of nice worms, great liquid flower feeding & it’s looking amazing in the bin! (see photo)
  • Vesteda is enjoying the bin in its kitchen & coworkers gave worms some names!
  • Marjan Minnesma just had her bin since ten days & enjoying it so far!
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam is also enjoying the bin even if there are quite a few flies in the bin…
  • NewNRG is unfortunately leaving the pilot because of time & focus issues which causes a negative compost-experience for them…
  • Accenture is joining the experiment & will get its prototype within two weeks!


We’ve already got great & useful feedback. What we did learned so far

  • The design of the bin is largely accepted in all the companies.
  • The cover has to be opened by hands which is not always handy.
  • Knowledge is missing by most of the people to understand the compost-proces. When they hear about it; it’s interesting, cool & fun. When they try it; it’s important to give them a good workshop.
  • People respond differently regarding to the composting process, that’s mainly what causes a positive or negative experience.
  • The environment of the bin is important: it’s affecting whether there’re flies or not.