geWoonboot is a special boat in Amsterdam: it’s a self-sufficient boat. It’s providing its own energy and has a gray water circuit. Rain water is collected on the green roof which purifies it and then it’s used for the restrooms; a gray water system then purifies toilet/dishwasher/sink water which then can be reused or returned clean into the IJ. Solar panels generate electricity which is stored in batteries. The outside water is used to heat the boat through a pomp and solar water heater. And since a month now, geWoonboot does have a worm compost bin to create compost out of its food waste. They have joined our pilot Composting for Sustainable Companies and are quite liking their new pets.

“Working and living on a healthier way. With geWoonboot, we want to show people how it is possible and we want to inspire them,” tells Joan Kram who’s the owner of this sustainable boat with her partner Jan Huisman. For them, working and living in a sustainable way is very normal (‘gewoon’ in Dutch) and that’s what they’re promoting. With the 120m2 of geWoonboot they show how it looks like to work and live on a sustainable boat to inspire people. The boat is used for meetings and trainings.