An interesting start-up is Greentower. Two of my friends set it up at the same moment I started my design studio. Our products are linked and we’re helping each other out.

What’s a Greentower? De Greentower is a stylish way of growing plants, fruits and vegetables on a small surface (only 50cm2). It’s gardening on a vertical way, as well for inside use as for outside. All year long, you can grow your own plants and do it on a reduced surface: ideal for city green-lovers.

How does it work? There’re two different towers: one made of plastic, one made of wood. Both have an irrigation system which make it sure your plants always have enough water. The Greentower is 170cm high and can hold about 32 plants.

The Greentower is, at the moment, produced at a Social Workplace where people with disabilities can create products. It’s a good social way of producing products; good for the community. In the future, it will be produced somewhere else since the production will grow.

As you probably see, the Greentower has a link with my bamboe worm bin. The compost made in the worm bin can be used in the Greentower. And the dead plants of the Greentower can be composted in my bamboe worm bin. The owners of Greentower also are thinking about designing a bamboo Greentower. In the future, you may buy both of our products and start your own (indoor) gardening. Sounds great, doesn’t it?