Do you want to try indoor composting?

As we wrote before, our first product is going to be a indoor worm-compostbin called Vermi. Worms? Yes, worms.  Does it sound strange? Well, red worms help to compost a bit faster and they make sure you don’t smell anything. This compost process works. (Click to here to read more about it.) People usually think they need a garden to be able to compost. But that’s not a necessity. That’s one of the reason we want to offer them this possibility, especially to city people.

Now, you probably wonder what the point is to compost if you can’t use the compost yourself since you don’t have a garden. Good question. We think there exist different possibilities. For example, you can use it for your inside plants. But we also think there’s a possible cooperation between the consumer (you) and the city around you. Urban farms, allotments, community gardens, parks; all these places need compost time to time. Since Studio Claire Hornn is now working on this first product, we’re also willing to find a good answer to this question. To be continued.

Studio Claire Hornn is now looking for 7 persons who’re willing to try the Vermi pilot. This way, we can get your opinion about the product and we can improve it if necessary. Do you live in or around Amsterdam without a garden? Are you willing to check out if indoor composting with worms really works like we say? And are you willing to give us all your thoughts about it? If you answered yes to these three questions, you’re the person we want! Please send us an email at if you’re interested! (FYI, the bin isn’t bigger than 40x40x40cm and fits in almost any tiny city home.)