Here's our concept!

The Dutch Design Week starts today and it’s a good day to share anything about design, style and products. That is the reason, My My & I decided to finally share our concept with you! We’re so excited!

Since march 2014, I have been working on this concept – actually first for my study and I decided to go on with it when I decided to start up Studio Claire Hornn with My My. Designing a product is a long process and the concept made for my study has been improved a lot since september. It had to be re-thinked, re-designed and re-branded to fit our customer’s & market’s wishes. After almost two months of hard work, our concept is finally kind of done!

Here’s a bit explanation about the concept: an indoor worm compost bin should be aesthetic and multifunctional. Our concept has an industrial, still modern & natural look. The bin can also be used as a stool, little table or shelf: you can sit on it but also can place a plant or books on it. Making this product multifunctional adds something to the bin: it’s a product you can have in your home but doesn’t look like a ‘bin’. It looks like a design object you can be proud to show.

At this moment, we’re busy with prototyping but we couldn’t wait sharing the concept with you! Please feel free to give us any comment you may have about it. We won’t give you any technical details about the concept right now; that’s something we want to keep for us… We just can share with you the fact that the materials will be sustainable & that the concept fits into ‘Design of (dis)assembly’ – both things are important for us! But if you have any questions about the concept: feel free to contact us!