Het Groene Leven Lab.

Spring is slowly coming around. Last friday I participated at an event: building a willow wall for the Green Living Lab. On the Zuidas (in Amsterdam) there is a green parcel of land that’s transforming into a green lab. Green Living Lab is a new education and research initiative in the former Almatuin. The bab is committed to innovative ideas and inspiring projects by bringing academic, technical and commercial expertise together. And it gives some green back.

So, what’s a willow wall? It’s a living wall of willow to help protect the natural atmosphere of the garden, in this case, from a cold local car park. It’s about sorting the willows on thickness and length, about digging holes to put them in and to make the construction right. About fifteen people helped that day and two experts were leading the procedure. It wasn’t finished in one day but the wall will soon be finished thanks to other volunteers.

Green places are needed in the city. It helps people to rest, relax and be inspired. It’s also good for the environment. The Green Living Lab will also be a place where research will be done about this subject: what are the effects of green places in cities.

Groene Leven Lab _ Studio Claire Hornn