How to get rid of fruit flies.

Fruit flies, we all know them. Unfortunately, fruit flies are everywhere and it’s extremely hard to get rid of them. But here’s the good thing: there’s a new product designed to help us! Ferdinand van der Neut developed the Fruit Fly Ninja, a fruit fly trap that you can stick on your garbage or compost bin. It’s a non-toxic liquid that attracts fruit flies: they come into the trap but can’t come out. It was launched last spring on Kickstarter and I was very curious to see if it really worked, so I tested it.

The Fruit Fly Ninja does work indeed. Of course, a compost bin has much more fruit flies than a normal garbage bin – especially in the summer when it’s hot. In August, it was such a moment: the large amount of fruit flies was annoying. Placing a Fruit Fly Ninja on the bin, it was was already full of fruit flies within two hours! It took me around two weeks – and two traps – to get rid of all my fruit flies. In the meantime, I was very careful when placing fruit in the compost bin since it’s fruit flies’ favourite food to lay eggs.

2015:11:10 Studio Claire Hornn

I do recommend Fruit Fly Ninja if you have issues with fruitflies in and around your compost bin. It’s easy to buy (and cheap), it’s easy to use and it’s working. Next to that, the traps are made of biodegradable plastics; you can recycle it with other plastics. This makes the product even more interesting.

A home-made option to get rid of fruit flies is a mix of vinegar, dish soap and water. It works quite well but the environment does have influence of it. Compared to the Fruit Fly Ninja it also works a bit slower than you would like.