Order your Urbeen now.

Great news to start the year: it’s finally possible to order your Urbeen online! So if your good year’s resolution is to compost your food waste at home, go check Balkonton’s webshop and be the first to buy your own indoor, design worm compost bin.

You can order it in natural color or caramel to match your interior. The bamboo does not compost with the food scraps which means the compost bin can be used for a very, very long time. The Urbeen costs €395,- and to get your worms, you can order them online (here, here or there / max €20,- for 500 grams) or get some from people who already compost (that’s a better option).

The Urbeen is produced in Den Haag, the Netherlands. It’s built by Meubelmarcker, a great and fine carpenter. It’s a local production which adds a lot of craft and quality to the design of the Urbeen. The production is as sustainable as possible. And did you know it also can be used as a stool or little table? A multifunctional compost bin that will just fit your home.

Excited? Don’t wait longer and order your Urbeen now. Getting your worm compost bin now, will help you produce some compost that you could use this late spring already!