Pilot 2.0 worm compost bin.

Have you ever thought about starting composting at home? No? Well, two people around us did in September. Two other did a month later. They tried our first pilot worm compost bin and we’re going to tell you how they felt about it.

Dymphna Snijders Blok and Rinke Couwelaar are coaches of the Minor Entrepreneurship at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. They heard about our project and were curious to test worm-composting themselves. Both think they throw a lot of food waste on a daily basis which make them sad. Worms. The first thing to afraid people. But what did these two think about it? Well, Rinke didn’t have any pre-judgements about these creatures before starting. And after 1,5 months of testing, they doesn’t bother him at all. Dymphna had to get used to the idea of having worms indoor but she now believes it’s a funny fact to have (silent) pets!

The positive aspects of the bin? ‘It makes me happy to use my food waste’ told us Dymphna. She likes feeling more aware about it. ‘It’s faster than outdoor composting’ thinks Rinke. ‘But I have some fruit flies around the bin which I don’t like. I tried to vacuum them but that’s just a creative way of getting rid of them.’ And the fact not all your food waste can be put into the worm-bin makes the concept less attractive for Dymphna. Will they go on with worm composting? Dymphna would love too but she thinks a collective worm-bin will be more suitable since she cannot use compost herself. And Rinke is definitely going on with worm-composting. Will they recommend it? ‘Absolutely!! But mostly to ‘green people’ who also can use the compost they make themselves’ say Dymphna. Rinke didn’t recommend it to anyone yet but he tells the story to his friends and family. So more and more people are hearing about worm-composting and that’s a good think.

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