Pilot 2.0 worm compost bin.

Have you ever thought about starting composting at home? No? Well, two people around us did. They tried our pilot worm compost bin and we’re going to tell you how they felt about it.


Lynn Snijder is a Future Planet Studie student at the Amsterdam University. She decided to start worm composting after watching the movie ‘No impact man’ in which the main character wants to bring his ecological footprint to zero. Worm composting is one of his idea to achieve his goal. Lynn thought it was a simpel solution to re-use food leftovers she doesn’t eat (like the end of zucchini or the apple core). Birgitta Seegers, an administrative worker at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, started worm composting for a different reason. She always has been curious to try new things and always has separate her waste at home. But food waste was an issue since it gets mouldy quite quickly: worm composting is a good alternative she wanted to try.
Worms. The first thing to afraid people. But what did these two think about it? Well, Lynn says she finds the worms dirty. She won’t touch them for any reason but she really appreciates the work they’re doing: turning food waste into compost. And since she doesn’t really see them, it’s not an issue. Birgitta on the other hand never thought worms were dirty; not that she finds them cute either but she doesn’t bother. And now, both of them now see worms as pets! The positive aspects of the bin? ‘You get more aware of your food waste on a daily basis’ thinks Birgitta. ‘You never have food waste if you cook in a smart way. But if you have some food scraps, you can give them to your worms. It gives me better feeling about my waste behaviour. En it gives good soil for my plants at home which now looks much better!’ says Lynn. One thing that could be improved is the design of the bin. Well good news: we’re busy with that!!