The Graste

Shall we give value back to our waste? Then we should call it “collection of raw materials.” The Graste is a useful tool: plastic, paper and glass can be stored with style in the Graste.

The Graste is a high quality and unique system to collect materials. It’s a modular and vertical furniture piece which the consumer can build as wished: three, four or five bins of two different volumes (20L and 30L). The bins can be stacked or used separately in different rooms. The Graste can thus match the needs of all kind of living situations since everyone have different needs and waste volumes.

Materials: bamboo
Color: natural or caramel
Size: 350x370x300mm & 350x370x400mm
Graste 3 _ Studio Claire Hornn Graste 2 _ Studio Claire Hornn
Graste 1 _ Studio Claire Hornn

The Graste is a concept and therefore not on the market at the moment. To have a complete collection system for all your waste, the Graste can be used with the Urbeen.