The Urbeen

The Urbeen is an indoor worm compost bin. It makes it possible to compost with style at home. You can transform your food scraps into compost with the help of tiger worms. Worms in the living room? Yes! Worms can be seen as the new trendy pets. You won’t smell or hear them and only occasionally see them in the bin since they hide for light sources.

The Urbeen is multifunctional and it  can be used as a stool or coffee table. It’s made of bamboo, a sustainable material. Bamboo is a stable material and the Urbeen can be used for at least 10 years since it won’t compost with the food scraps. It’s an answer to all the plastic outdoor compost bins. Studio Claire Hornn brings worms in the living room and give the opportunity to city people to create something useful out of their waste!

Materials: bamboo, aluminium
Color: natural or caramel
Size: 350x370x450mm
Production: handmade by Meubelmarcker in Den Haag
Price: €495,- (excl. worms and shipping costs)
Order: (production on request)
Urbeen 1 _ Studio Claire Hornn Urbeen _ Studio Claire Hornn Urbeen 2 _ Studio Claire Hornn

Fruit and vegetables peelings, tea rests and coffee grounds can be put into the Urbeen and the worms will do the work for you. Also cardboard, newspaper and egg boxes can be transformed in compost. It’s all about a green/brown waste balance. The moist, temperature and light balance are important for the compost process. The first few weeks are significant for the eco-system and it’s important not to overfeed the worms. You can find lots of information about worm composting here and here or ask all your questions here. You can buy worms here or find some there.

Studio Claire Hornn