The Urbeen XL

The Urbeen XL is a higher version of the Urbeen. It’s suitable for small companies or officies who wishes to inspire their workers by composting some of their food waste.

The Urbeen XL initially has been designed to test the design of the Urbeen during a seven-week-long pilot. Five companies in Amsterdam participated  to the pilot: geWoonboot, Vesteda, Accenture, Urgenda and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Thanks to the pilot some details of the design have been modified to optimise the use of the product. You can read all about the pilot here.

Materials: bamboo, aluminium
Color: natural or caramel
Size: 350x370x800mm
Production: handmade by Meubelmarcker in Den Haag
Price: €850,- (excl. worms and shipping costs)
Order: (production on request)