Product Design & Interior Architecture.

Be honest, having worms in a bin in your kitchen sounds awful. You probably don’t want to see the bin where the worms are in, right? Well, we want to change this idea. Studio Claire Hornn wants to create an indoor wormcompost bin with a nice and smooth design. Such a product will stimulate indoor composting and show you that we, as designers, take in consideration the future environment of a product.

Interior architecture can have an important rol during the design process of the compost bin. It brings a few aspects in the design process. A few examples are: space, form, color, light or material. It’s important to think about the product but even more to think about how the product will be use en where it will fit in a space. The wormcompost-bin will focus on people who’re willing to have wonderful designs in their home: they want an exclusive and aesthetic product.

Most compost bins are simply designed for outside use (for in gardens or on balconies). These bins are mostly dark green or brown which are not really attractive colours. The one that are for indoor use often are hand-made or quite big. Most people try to hide them… That’s what we want to avoid:

Studio Claire Hornn wants to consider the future environment of the wormcompost bin to be able to design the ideal wormcompost bin which will fit the user’s desires. Knowing what you, as a consumer, think about how a (worm)compost-bin should look like, will help us to design a good and aesthetic product that users are willing to show in their kitchen!