Sorting your waste.

As you may know, I’m still a student next to being an entrepreneur. I’m now busy with my graduation project. I’m going to design a new product that has an important link with the worm compost bin. I will design a duo (or trio) waste separation system which makes it more efficient and pleasant to sort your waste at home. But before starting with sketching, I’m doing a research about consumer behaviour.

For the research, knowing how you deal with waste separation at the moment is important. I’ve created a short survey that you can fill in here. It will probably costs you a few minutes of your precious time. It will be great if you could help me with this so I can design the perfect duo/trio waste bin for you! Questions you may see are about what kind of waste you sort, how you sort them and what you think about waste separation in general.

It seems it’s difficult for most people to understand what to sort, how and where to put them since it’s different in every city and country. Next to that, it seems it takes quite a lot of space in the house which can be a reason not everyone is able to sort its waste. All kind of hypothesis I need to confirm (or reject)!

You could also help me a lot by sending me pictures of how you sort your waste at home. You can either send them to or post them below this blogpost.

Fill in the survey here.