Sustainable Day 2015.

Today is Sustainable Day 2015 and it has been about one year that the studio has been created (Happy birthday!). Sustainable Day is an important day since it helps grow the awareness of sustainable projects, products and organisations. Lots of events take place on such a day. Companies hold events, schools plan green lectures and politics talk about green subjects.

Last Sunday, Groen Links Amsterdam was holding an interesting event. Every year this green political group hands out ‘Groene Lintjes’ (read: Green Ribbons) to fast-growing organisations and green entrepreneurs. I was invited to pitch before the ceremony. A great chance to share the story of my Urbeen. A 7-minute-talk in which were covered the initial problem, the solution, the pilot with the companies and the production of the Urbeen. Afterwards I got lots of questions about how the Urbeen works and why the choice of bamboo. Bamboo is a great material that stays perfect in moist environment: it does not compost and needs minimal maintenance. A perfect fit for a compost bin!

2015:10:04 Studio Claire Hornn

Four other entrepreneurs pitched their story and product. One of them was Yoni; they sell toxic-free pads and tampons. Another interesting talk was from Zonnepanelen Delen; even if you don’t own the roof on top of your building, you can invest in solar panels placed on other roofs in your city. This Groen Links event was a great place for us, green entrepreneurs, to share our stories and make people enthusiastic about our products.

PS: Great news coming soon!
PPS: Handy product explained in my next blogpost to get rid of fruit flies...