The Blue Economy.

On Wednesday, november 8th, Gunter Pauli was giving a lecture about the Blue Economy. A great and inspiring talk! Gunter Pauli is a person that, as he starts talking, everyone listens. He’s able to make us think about the world’s issues. He’s passionate about his work and projects and is absolutely showing that with his stories!

The Blue Economy is about learning about nature but from nature. Which is a big difference. It’s about substituting something with nothing. It’s about accepting the fact nature is always in movement and innovation is in the moment. It’s about water being the primary solvent which isn’t toxic, chemical or complex. It’s about gravity being the main source of energy and solar energy the second renewable fuel. It’s about wastedoesn’t exist: any product is the source for a new one. It’s about one process generating multiple benefits. It’s about transforming negatives into positives: problems are opportunities. It’s about nature being efficient: maximising use of available materials and energy which reduces the unit price for the consumer.

Think about all these thistles which we think are toxic for other plants: they can be transformed into bioplastic/rubber and even into cheese thanks to their polymers and enzymes. Gunter Pauli’s company ZERI figures out 360000 tons of thistles are in Sicilia, Italy which can be used as source for bags, gloves and even shoes. Crazy. Fishing is an other example: why fishing with a traditional input? All these female fishes, full of babies, are fished as well whereas they should stay in the water. Creating a fishing boat with ultrasounds for fishes should be a easy solution for this problem. And why not make paper out of stone? Well, it’s done and this stone paper is water resistent and will stay good for ever. All kind of amazing projects that are part of the Blue Economy.

The Blue Economy is about responding to basic needs with what you have, introducing innovations inspired by nature, generating multiple benefits, including jobs and social capital and offering more with less.