The story of our 1st worm bin prototype.

Prototyping. A very important step in the design proces. While prototyping we come up to different problems, insights or aspects regarding our product. On paper it seems easy but building isn’t always what you planned. Our very first prototype-day gave us extreem satisfaction!

David Fischer is a young carpenter that started his own studio four years ago. We got in touch with him thanks to our coach Suzanne Hansen and he’s willing to build our prototypes. Awesome news! But to build something, we need material. BambooTeq is a bamboo producer which is willing to help and support designers who want to use bamboo in their work. They are amazingly kind people who decided to support our project by giving us some bamboo to build our prototypes. That was even more than we expected and we’re very grateful to them.

After picking up the bamboo at BambooTeq, we began the prototype on friday, november 14th around 10:30 am at Hout Havens, a very pleasant place in Amsterdam. We had to talk a bit about the construction we needed and then: GO GO GO. Building always takes more time than we think, and that did happen for us as well. We decided to build a consumer version of our worm compost bin because the size was easier for a first try. Our prototype was almost done at the end of day (19:00). Two things are still missing: some details on the sides and the legs. Nevertheless, we’re absolutely thrilled to share these making-of pictures with you! Building this prototype make our concept becoming real and gave us the chance to work with bamboo, touch it, feel it, smell it and create this amazing worm compost bin!

Urbeen _ Studio Claire Hornn Urbeen 1 _ Studio Claire Hornn

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