Waste separation systems: what about that?

You can separate your waste into five different bins: plastic, organic waste, paper, glass and the rest. Different kind of bins to sort your waste can take a lot of space into your kitchen. Most of the time, these bins next to each other give a chaotic feeling that you actually don’t want. But sorting your waste has a lot of benefits. Did you know that 1kg of waste that doesn’t go to incinerator saves 50 cents to the community? Sorting your waste avoids environmental pollution and saves our ressources. So willing to sort your waste at home is a good thing!

Some of the functional waste separation systems on the market are quite expensive. That’s why most of the consumers try to make their own system. But you can make them more nicely. Look at these examples:

Unfortunately there is a lack of these systems for at home, especially aesthetics one… That brings us to something Studio Claire Hornn also wants to achieve: thinking about this problem and searching for new possibilities during creative sessions. Knowing what you, as a consumer, think about waste separation systems will help us, for example, to design a good and aesthetic product. But we’re willing to give you tricks & tips so you can make a good waste separation system yourself. If you’re interested to get tips about how to organise your waste separation system, please contact us.