Waste seperation starts with the Urbeen.

Did you know every one of us produces about 512 kilo waste every year? At the moment only half of it is being recycled. That’s not a lot, right? Our waste mostly exists of plastic, paper, green and glas waste. If we look at Amsterdam’s statistics, one inhabitant produces 25 liter plastic, 19 liter paper, 2.7 liter green and 2.1 liter glass waste every week. The ‘rest’-waste is only about 0.5 liter per week which isn’t a lot compared to the above type of waste. Metal, textile and small chemical waste aren’t a large percentage of our waste production; they’re not produced every week.

At the moment I’m doing some research about waste and waste management at home. It seems like 80% of us does separate paper and glass properly. Plastic waste is being more and more recycled as well but not every one has space to do it. Green waste isn’t an easy type of waste: it isn’t recycled by all town-halls in Europe. It depends on where you live. This sounds strange right? Since plastic, paper and glass can be separated. Why not the green waste? The Urbeen is an answer to that. Whether your town-hall does or does not pick up green waste separately, you can choose to recycle it yourself. You can transform your green waste into compost and use that rich compost for your plants in or outside your home.

The Urbeen is a good way to recycle your green waste in an odourless and efficient way. But guess what? I’m working on my next project already. I’m going to design some other components that can create a serie with the Urbeen. Imagine you have a nice looking systeem to sort all your types of waste? That’s what I’m working on. The result of this new project will be ready in June… Can’t wait to see it? Keep an eye on my website & social media! I’ll be posting some news about it soon.